We welcome schools to get involved with the project, we offer a range of activities for children and young adults to get involved with including:


Guided Farm Tour

An understanding of what is produced on a farm and how; how the different plants provide for people’s needs, and what the different parts of the farm are used for.

Plant Care

Understanding what plants need to grow, and that we eat different parts of the plant. Practical experience of a seasonal gardening activity.

Farm to Fork

Understanding where your food comes from, find out about how plants grow and hands on activity of picking produce.

Site Maintenance

Helping to maintain the farm infrastructure and DIY jobs.


Understanding of different wildlife habitats throughout the farm and helping to maintain these.

Cooking – Coming Soon!

We are currently working on our kitchen area at the farm which will be completed  by the summer 2015. Once completed we will offer cooking sessions at the farm where participants can pick fruits and vegetables directly from the farm and learn how to cook them into something delicious. We will announce when we start offering this service.


If you are interested in finding out more about volunteering at the farm please send us an email: