Welcome to Day 4 of the #30DaysWild Challenge with Essex Wildlife Trust!


Yesterday was a big day of learning about Bees, we love our new Bee Feeder and hopefully, so will our little-winged friends! Today we want to harness all the creative energy you opened and make some art!


As always we would love to hear your wild stories or see your wild photographs, even if they are not task related, we will select some of these to feature in the wild stories section of this blog. You can send these to us via Facebook or email.


Today’s task is:

Make Wild Art!


There are many different types of wild art, we have been known to enjoy some #wild weaving (this can be found in the witch’s garden at the farm) today’s blog will be focusing more on leaf art but our gallery hopes to hold all kinds of wild art.

Everyone loves leaves, matching the turning of seasons with different colours is just part of their appeal. I personally am all about the different shapes! We’ve borrowed a leaf identifier from Woodland Trust’s Nature Detectives, grab it below and see how many you can find!



We would love to add your creations to our gallery so don’t forget to send them in! And most importantly





Today’s blog was written by S.Wymuss of S.J Photographs and edited by S.Hellard

Written by hecfadmin