Welcome to Day 2 of the #30DaysWild Challenge with Essex Wildlife Trust!

We hope you had as much fun as we did exploring your local wild spots yesterday, a special thank you to those who reminded us of some more local spots that we hadn’t included on our list. It’s really quite overwhelming to remember the wealth of natural beauty we are blessed with in Essex.

As always we would love to hear your wild stories or see your wild photographs, even if they are not task related, we will select some of these to feature in the wild stories section of this blog. You can send these to us via Facebook or email.


Today’s task is:

Sow a meadow or some wildflower seed!


You don’t need a mass of garden to complete today’s task, a small plant pot will do.


Sowing your meadow!

There a few different ways to sow grass or wildflowers, we think the most fun way is through seed bombs! Here is our guide to making your own seed bombs for gardening.

  1. First job is the shred the sheets of paper into small strips (this is the long boring bit – Sorry).
  2. Once this is done add the paper and cover with warm water in your bucket. Leave this for a couple of hours (or overnight). (The timing here is really optional, if you are a last minute person like me I have found this to work if left for only 15 minutes haha)
  3. Take a couple handfuls of the mushy paper placing them into a bowl, add more water to further deconstruct the paper and mush together. This can be done either with hands, whisks or a blender.
  4. Add your wildflower seed to the now pulped paper and give it a good mix! Your mix could look like this or if you choose to use colourful paper as we did with our first batch it will be much prettier!
  5. Pop your teatowel, cheesecloth, strainer or muslin over a bowl and pour the pulp on top to strain out the excess water.
  6. Make sure you ring out the teatowel, cheesecloth, strainer or muslin to get rid of all the water!
  7. Press the drained pulp into your silicon moulds.
  8. Leave to dry, then lightly press out of the moulds

Voila! Your seed bombs are ready to be watered into the ground!



Where to get wildflower/grass seed?

Wildflower and Grass seed are available in most supermarkets and garden centres for a small price, however, the following are places we’ve found online that will send sample packets for free:

  • The Bee Cause – You will need to sign up with a phone number, Friends of the Earth will then call you to arrange the delivery of your free seeds.
  • Just Bee Drinks – Part of their Save the Bees section, you need to sign up with an email address for these seeds.



Tracker for your growth

One of our smaller volunteers thought it would be cool to track the growth of his meadow and wildflowers throughout the #wild month. We love this idea and have created a tracker for you to use to do the same, we would love to see the progress of your meadows/wildflowers throughout the month!


Growing Tracker



Today’s blog was written by S.Hellard

Written by hecfadmin