Welcome to Day 19 of the #30DaysWild Challenge with Essex Wildlife Trust!

As always we would love to hear your wild stories or see your wild photographs, even if they are not task related, we will select some of these to feature in the wild stories section of this blog. You can send these to us via Facebook or email.

Today’s task is:

Find Harlow’s sculptures


This is very Harlow centred so if this is not your base then please take the day for your own wild exploration, the sculpture trail just seemed too much wild fun to ignore.

Thanks to Harlow council’s website we have a sculpture trail map:

The printable version can be found here:

Harlow sculpture trail map


To get you started here are 5 of our top statues around Harlow, we have been spoilt with the beauty of growing up in a town full of art narrowing the list to just 5 became a near impossible task so please tell us of any that hold a special place in your heart:


  • Meat Porters – Ralph Brown – installed in 1960/1961 (there were many conflicting dates for this installation) – Among the first group of statues to be listed by English Heritage this statue represents a beautiful side of the everyday ordinary  put beautifully by Ruth Walton in 1988 when she said “Brown infuses his everyday image of working man with dignity and pathos, raising it above simple rhetoric and investing it with spiritual significance”. – Found at 14 on your map.

Photo courtesy of
J. O’Reilly
  • Iceni – Anthony Hawken – 1995 – Placed by Colt Hatch in the Little Parndon area of the town, this statue is the closest listed to the farm and marks an anchor in the journey many of us make for volunteer days. A beautiful reminder of the uniqueness of art amongst the ordinary that Harlow’s sculptures bring to residents and visitors daily lives.- Found at 31 on your map.
Photo credit of http://anthonyhawken.com/statuary-annd-commissions.html
  • Stone Carving Number One- Menashe Kadishman – Installed early 1950’s – Here is a blog written by one of our community previously that captures exactly why this statue earned a spot on our blog today: http://www.proudofharlow.org.uk/?p=98 – Found at 33 on the map (whilst you’re in the area check out 34 ‘Stone Carving Number Two as well!)
Sketch of Stone Carving Number One by Sam Edwards, check his work out here: https://www.samedwardsartist.com/
  • Pisces – Jesse Watkins- installed in 1973 – A well-known, well-loved landmark for Harlow that one of our volunteers said anchors them if they feel lost. – Pieces is 62 on your map.
Photo courtesy of Roger McLachlan


  • Eve – Auguste Rodin- Brought to Harlow in 1960 – One of the unfinished pair (Rodin died before completing Adam) created in 1882 Eve predates both the town and her position in the water gardens the modern shopping/restaurant hub. She is one of many statues in this area including ‘The Thinker’ also by Rodin who can be found hiding behind the new civic centre. – Eve is 50 on the map.

As an extra sculpture to our five here is butterfly by Madalina Allen, this one was installed after the map was created and sits alongside several other pieces of art in the newly built estate on Torkilsden Way. This one holds a special place in our hearts as it was created by the daughter and sister of two of our Trustees and represents the ever-changing landscape of Harlow.




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