Welcome to Day 17 of the #30DaysWild Challenge with Essex Wildlife Trust!

As always we would love to hear your wild stories or see your wild photographs, even if they are not task related, we will select some of these to feature in the wild stories section of this blog. You can send these to us via Facebook or email.

Today’s task is:

Brew a leafy tea!



The wildlife trust have provided us with this handy how-to on brewing dandelion tea:


The printable version can be found here: 

dandelion tea

For over 50 extra recipes for herbal teas see this list our friends at a delightful home have combined:

52 DIY Herbal Tea Recipes



If you are interested in growing your own tea Dorset tea are offering a free growing pack at the moment, it does require sign up so I do expect you will receive marketing mail:




Written by hecfadmin