We’ve made it halfway!

Well done everyone and thank you all for sending in your photos and stories from the last 15 days, we’ve loved seeing them. Here’s a quick roundup of the last 15 days with some of our favourites (even off task).


We have explored the wild around us, whether that be more urban or a visit to your favourite wild spot. From the stories sent to us, we heard how some of you took scenic routes to see the wildflowers and stopped to listen to the birds, chatted to the ducks living in the water gardens and took dog walks to local ponds.

Here is a collage of the wild striking back in an urban environment.

And a collage of some of the wild walks our community took.

We asked you to sow a wild meadow and found that space was a real issue here, some of you who had limited space choose to grow in flower pots and others had their own wild days.

Wildflower sketch by G.Onions


We’ve spent two days learning about the importance of bee’s and learning how we can help them thrive through feeding them and by planting bee-friendly gardens.

Here is a fantastic video of a sugar water spoon set up by one of our community members to feed a tiered clumsy bee:

Bee Feed

We’ve explored creativity on several days through wild art, wild music, wild storytelling!

We took that creativity a little further and explored making some #wild cordials.


Despite the weather trying to destroy our hopes of picnicking we’ve managed to eat on the grass several other days through the month so far.

We’ve continued in our wildlife nurture by learning appropriate snacks for ducks and visiting them frequently. Not stopping these and exploring bird identification, visited Parndon Wood to use their bird watching facilities.


Our good friend Norma from Litchfield Hens made a sneaky appearance too.


Braved the minibeast population, learnt about the different types to identify them and made friends that crawl and slime.

A rather wild looking mini beast. G.Onions.

We’ve also have had lots of off task #wildness such as; orienteering through the town park! Arranged by the orienteering group (believed to be from Epping) who provided a map and laid out a trail to follow.

We’ve done some less wild planting and pruning of homegrown produce.

Exploration of beaches as a different #wild space to our locality.

One of our younger members taught us how to make a “nose hat” from a helicopter leaf after we raced them along a local field, here is mine:

All in all a very #wild half of the month! Keep it up and here’s to the next 15 days of fun!




Special thanks to all of our contributors so far, via facebook, twitter and email, those who have helped by writing the daily blogs, provided us with art and photographs to inspire and add to the experience, and finally those of you who are reading and moving with us through this #wild adventure.

Written by hecfadmin