Welcome to Day 13 of the #30DaysWild Challenge with Essex Wildlife Trust!

As always we would love to hear your wild stories or see your wild photographs, even if they are not task related, we will select some of these to feature in the wild stories section of this blog. You can send these to us via Facebook or email.

Today’s task is:

Create wild stories/drawings


Today’s task is completely inspired by one of our younger volunteers who last year choose to take his toys out in the wild and create vivid adventures for them! We loved hearing about them after and this year wanted to encourage everyone to do the same.

You definitely do not need to take toys out into the wild to get creative though, on a walk down the river last week some of us imagined all kinds of tales to keep ourselves entertained.

We’ve created a basic worksheet for you to note down your tales:

Wild stories


Wild drawing is one of our favourite things to do, if you need any inspiration here is a beautiful piece by @greenonions. If you haven’t done before check out his Instagram for some completely #wild sketches 


Today’s blog was written by S.Hellard with the help of D.Harman

Written by hecfadmin